Starting up a business was like a walk in the desert until the arrival of the internet. For you to start a business, you required massive amounts of cash. Also, you had to rent a premise, pay licenses, as well as invest heavily in marketing activities. However, the internet stepped in with a lot of online business possibilities that you can start even with little or zero investment. Here they are:

Online Business Idea #1: Creating website themes

Do you have knowledge in web designing or love coding? As the internet continues to expand and become the largest marketplace, more people are seeking to secure a virtual space through setting up websites. As a result, demand for beautiful website themes to attract more traffic is on a high.

 If you have a gift in designing attractive themes, then you can earn a living from that skill. Notably, several platforms offer you an opportunity to showcase your themes and pay a commission once you sell them.

Online Business Idea #2:  Start online consultancy services

If you are not a professional web designer, you can start offering consultancy services. Most people are regularly seeking for advice and help on various issues.  With this in mind, you can start a consulting business in your area of specialization.

Also, if you do not have an area of expertise, Google is always there for you. You can select niche of interest and conduct research about it. After this, you can start helping and answering client question in that niche and charging them some fee.

Online Business Idea #3: Start an e-book selling business

Are you a creative writer? If yes, you can start writing and selling e-books online. Nowadays, people are moving from reading printed books to e-books as they can access them through their smartphones. One of the e-book niches you can venture in is writing self-help books. Most people are looking for help on how to do certain things.

For instance, you can write an e-book on” How to use video content to boost your website traffic.”  Given that video marketing is becoming the primary source of competitive advantage, more people will have an interest in such a book. As such, you can make a handsome income from it.


With the current internet penetration, starting a business is now an easy task. Implementing one of the above online business ideas can be the first step in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Essentially, these ideas require little to zero investment. Also, you can do them on your leisure time. Hence, you do not have a reason to stop you from becoming an online entrepreneur.