It’s amazing how a small startup in the right environment can change your life. Small business ideas work well when you play to your strengths and talents.

Even if you have a 9 to 5 job, you can attend to your clients on the weekends. You might be pleasantly surprised to see your business beginning to make incredible profits which might sway you to consider doing it full-time.

For example, if you happen to have a green thumb and live nearby some affluent neighborhoods with manicured lawns, then you might just carve out a lucrative landscaping business for yourself as a part-time or full-time job depending on the demand for your services.

After all, for any business venture to succeed, there must be a need for a service or a product.  If you have a talent or solution that meets that need, then you can consider this a business opportunity to be exploited.

For a better illustration of the validity of a small business idea, allow us to keep using the example of the landscaping business. Assuming that you already have the know-how, what else would you need to give your business idea a shot?

1. Basic equipment

  • Lawnmower
  • Machette
  • Rake
  • Shears
  • Ladder
  • Broom
  • Overall and gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Wheelbarrow

Equipped with just the above equipment and a van, you will be able to manicure lawns, trim fences, hedge and flowers and sweep walkways leaving a client’s yard looking great. If you do a fantastic job offering a stellar service, word has a way of getting around fast, and you could have more and more clients in no time.

2. Value-added service

In addition to appearing professional, you should maximize your talent in impressing your clients. Consider

  • Offering patterned lawns which customers would love instead of the regular mowing for an additional fee
  • Cleaning the yard properly when done and leaving the place looking kempt and clean
  • Wearing protective gear when working and practicing safety first by being organized and safely handling tools.
  • Leaving a business card with your clients
  • Giving one free service to all your customers who have an annual subscription for your services.

These simple best practices give your small business a professional look and will win you clients for the long-term.

3. Expand your services

Once you have established customers with ready lawns, you could expand your service and revenue by starting your nursery of unique, plants, trees and flowers that you can offer to your existing clients. This will help them to enhance their gardens and add value to your service. You could also do landscaping from scratch as you have your source of flowers and plant as well as tools.

Just like the above example, what seems like an everyday idea could very well evolve into a profitable small business with very minimal financial capital but powered by tons of talent.  You never know what you may know that could be a gold mine.