If you tried to define what business is, no matter what verbiage or language one may use, two common denominators stand out, ‘needs’ and ‘solutions to those needs.” These two components are imperative to make a profit.

In this day and age, business ideas are borne out of necessity while others are out of creativity. A business favored by necessity might be something like a restaurant or a pharmacy, below we take a look at one example;


We all know it is necessary for people to eat. We also know that people like the good healthy food at a decent price and a convenient location.

That being the case, if you are an individual who is gifted with culinary skills, then you might give running your own restaurant business a serious thought.  Of course, this is after researching the need for this service in your neighborhood or wherever you want to set up shop. For example, the need could be in an area that has a lot of offices but no restaurant close by. Your simple dinner and menu might be a great solution for that area allowing you to employ your culinary skills to turn in a profit.

Below we take a look at a small business that is borne out of creativity

Digital Application

If you are technically gifted with programming skills, you can identify a problem in the community and bring a digital solution to the community members. For instance, if it’s hard to get a cab in your area during peak hours you could develop a mobile App that allows customers to book a car service from multiple taxi transport players in your area. This will create an effective bridge between customers and service providers that help them find each other easily and comfortably.

The app can be downloadable for a nominal fee to smartphones, and you would be placing a solution into the palm of every user and making a profit from it.